About This Blog

Everyone has a voice and deserves to be heard. We should be proud of our voices. Our voices are an invaluable tool we use to connect ourselves with others and the world around us. Our voice, like any other work of art, is our own unique form of self-expression. When we speak, we are expressing the unique thoughts, ideas, and values that make me us who we are. Having a voice helps us develop our own identity; without it we would be lost.

We live in a new age of individualism with Twitter, blogging, and Facebook. While traditional journalists are stoic and passive purveyors of the news, other journalists have increasingly become more fearless and opinionated, developing a strong attachment to fellow citizens. Journalism has become more about self-absorption and inserting one’s own voice into stories rather than about neutrality and objectivity. Writers combine the outer world with their inner world instead of one surpassing the other.

This is the type of writer I aspire to be. I hope to use my courageous and confident voice to connect with the people and issues around me in more profound ways.

This blog will explore the individualistic nature of news media today by focusing on certain people and reporters who have made a difference through their passionate voices.


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