The Voice of …. #Winning!

Everyone is twitter-happy. If you have a twitter, you love to use it and tweet more than 15 times a day (#notacceptable) and if you don’t….well, you’re just a little behind and I strongly suggest you catch up.

And by catching up I mean merely getting a twitter account. I do not expect you to obtain more than 20 followers by the end of the week. Unless you’re Charlie Sheen of course…who just set the new guinness world record of the Fastest Time to Reach 1 Million Followers. He did this in 25 hours and 17 minutes.

But Sheen is the highest paid actor on television, so that makes sense, right? Wrong. Sheen has been all over the news since his bizarre interview with Alex Jones of InfoWars bashing his producer Chuck Lorre of his show Two and a Half Men. Since then, Sheen has been interviewed by various other news and media outlets making even crazier statements that have been in the headlines for weeks (#winning, anyone??). This is what has made Sheen so infamous and is the reason why he got so many followers. And now that he has one, more and more people are hearing his voice, his crazy remarks, and loving (or hating) him because of it.

Sheen has proved how easy it is for one to gain a voice in this new media world and maintain it. You don’t have to be a notable scholar to type 140 characters and have followers. Nor do you have to be an intelligent and crafty writer who has worked in a newsroom for 10+ years to really be taken seriously on social media sites like this. In fact, it is sometimes best if you are just the opposite. So heres to your Average Joe!

There really is no science to it at all- Charlie Sheen my case in point. It is all about being authentic and relatable. In essence, you just merely have to be a human to tell any story or craft any message on these sites. Any voice, no matter how small it is, will make an impact.

According to Lou Kerner of WedBush securities, Mr. Sheen’s success illustrates how others, including corporations, can leverage Twitter’s platform to rapidly build an engaged audience.

And an engaged audience he certainly has. But, like all of these Twitter and social media phenomenons, this one will surely die down. So Sheen should really take it all in. These might be the most famous few weeks of his life. #WINNING!


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